1. Structure:Dome roof+Polycarbonate Modular+Aluminum Door Frame and Base

2. Material :100% Bayer Origin Solid Polycarbonate Panel +Aluminum 6063-T5 Profiles

3. Color: Clear

4. Feature: 360°full View

5. Specification:Dia 2.5 M to Dia 6 M and customization

6. Application:Camp, Hotel, Restaurant, Game Room, Showing Room , Spa Room and outdoor Leisure

Application of Full View Dome Room

Material: Solid PC Sheet (polycarbonate) + aluminum profile.

Heat preservation: Air conditioners, electric floor heating, and internal auxiliary heaters are options to adjust the indoor temperature in winter.

>Heat insulation Special curtain is applied to shade the sun, and air conditioners also can help to adjust the temperature.

Sound insulation: Solid PC sheet is a good sound insulation material with a sound insulation of about 26dB which is also a perfect sound insulation barrier material for closed and semi-closed light rails and tunnels.

Privacy: Motorized curtains in the dome roof and manual curtains around the sides are available for protect the privacy.

Strength: Solid PC sheet is a highly impact material whose strength is 10 times of tempered glass with same thickness

Fireproof: Solid PC sheet is a fireproof material with B1 level of flame retardancy and self-extinguishing when away from fire. The test report of Fireproof performance can be provided under request.

Waterproof: Physical waterproof, all joints have flipped upright edge water retaining structure.

Lifespan: 10 years of warranty and 20 years of life span.

Installation: This is a prefabricated building and modular installation. All PC sheets and profiles are pre-cut and pre-drilled in the factory and and pre-installation would be finished before the delivery.

Ground treatment request: The ground needs to be leveled in advance, and it should be raised and waterproofed. If it is used for floor heating, insulation layer would be necessary .

Ground attachment: The structure bottom would be attached to the ground with anchors; If the ground cannot be prefabricated with cement on site, bolts and anti-corrosion wood can be used for connection.

Mosquito Prevention: Anti-mosquito screens can be added on the window and door, and the the bottom aluminum alloy is connected with the PC sheet without gap, which can prevent mosquitoes, snakes and rats.

Air ventilation system: Ventilation fans are available.

Lighting: LED light strips around the floor and on the wall are options

Transportation: Pallet packaging and transportation.

 Sewage treatment of the washroom ( option ): The inlet and outlet water pipes are pre-arranged at the bottom of the washroom floor, and only need to be connected on site..

Wind load and snow load: The hemispherical structure itself gets high performance on the snow and wind loading.

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